Privacy and security policy



Rede Fácil Brasil, enrolled with CNPJ 24.500.540 / 0001-01, with headquarters at Rua Getúlio Vargas, 70 - 2º andar, Centro, Camboriú, Santa Catarina, respects your privacy and guarantees the security of your personal information.


1. Protection of Personal Data


Rede Fácil Brasil presents to the Clients and / or Users of the site its Data Protection Policy, so that Clients and / or Users can freely decide if they wish to provide their personal data that is requested when a purchase order is made, a Registration, participation in promotions, or any other marketing action developed.

Information determined as "personal data", refer to the following data: name; Address; email address; Internet service provider; phone; And other personal information provided by you, or collected about you, that follow applicable local law.

The personal data collected by Rede Fácil Brasil can be used, internally and statistically, aiming to obtain a better understanding of the profile of the users to improve the products and services offered. This information may be incorporated into the electronic records of personal data, of which Rede Fácil Brasil will be responsible. Rede Fácil Brasil will not sell or rent your data to third parties.

For the protection of data and personal information acquired, Rede Fácil Brasil, adopts means in accordance with legality, to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or undue subtraction of personal data acquired. To ensure the necessary security, Rede Fácil Brasil currently uses the COMODO SSL Security Certificate on this site. This certificate guarantees that all your personal data such as delivery address, credit card data and order history will never be disclosed. This technology also prevents the traffic of information from being accessed by third parties. The Security Certificate ensures that the site is secure through real-time evaluation of potential vulnerabilities. Even if Rede Fácil Brasil adopts additional means and measures of security,

In turn, the Client and or User guarantees that the personal data provided to Rede Fácil Brasil are true and will communicate to Rede Fácil Brazil, changes in them, maintaining the updating of their data, in case of new use of the site.

The use of personal data registered by Rede Fácil Brasil, will have as its sole and exclusive purpose to guarantee a personalized interaction with the user, that will allow to verify your satisfaction with products and / or services, or to contact you by email, letter, SMS or Telephone, or, under local law, use such means to inform you of new products, services or promotions that we may offer, directly or indirectly; As well as the sending of research forms, and the Client and / or User is not obliged to respond.

The customer may request Rede Fácil Brasil to exclude it from the database at any time, which will mean not receiving further information about the company and its products and services. Notwithstanding the above, in the event of a formal request by any Public or Judicial Authority duly substantiated, the Client and / or User authorizes Rede Fácil Brasil to forward the requested data, regardless of prior notification to the Client and / or User.

Rede Fácil Brasil acquires information through cookies (small data files transferred from a web site to the disk of your computer). Cookies work as internal navigation control. Acceptance of cookies may be enabled in the configuration of your browser. At Rede Fácil Brasil, the use of cookies serves only to recognize a constant visitor and to improve the shopping experience.

It is important to remember that, to formalize your request, the information is collected according to the payment method chosen. After the completion of your request, information such as your credit card number and authorization of bank debit are automatically erased from our computers. You will carry out your purchase with great security and tranquility.

Rede Fácil Brasil reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes or to commercial practices. In the event of any modification, Rede Fácil Brasil undertakes to publish on its website, changes to the terms of this document, immediately.





The Payment Policy below is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use.


1. Identification

This site is owned, maintained and operated by Rede Fácil Brasil, with address at Rua Getúlio Vargas, 70 - 2º andar. CEP: 88340-000. Centro - Camboriú - SC, enrolled with the CNPJ under no. 12.899.955 / 0001-01, with an e-mail address


2. Contact

In case the customer needs any information, clarification or assistance regarding this Payment Policy, Rede Fácil Brasil provides SAC (Customer Service).


3. Indication of payment terms in the supply of products

Rede Fácil will make available on the Site, for each product, a descriptive page, which will contain information regarding its characteristics, composition, payment terms and total cash price.


4. Purchase Order - Choose the means and conditions of payment

In order to purchase the products, the Customer must access his Account and follow the indications of the Site. After choosing the products and their respective quantities, the Customer will be directed to the payment page, to calculate the freight and choose the form of payment. This is the last moment for Customer to identify and correct any errors made in the previous steps. After completing the Purchase, this can not be changed (change of quantities, change of products, change of payment method, etc.).

Rede Fácil will immediately send an e-mail to the Customer indicating the order number, the products requested quantity, the price, the value of the freight, the form of payment and the estimated delivery period.

Rede Fácil, in order to guarantee the security of the Customers, may contact the Customer to confirm the completion of a Purchase, including confirmation of registration and payment data, and may cancel the Purchase if there is any nonconformity related to Any data indicated by the Client throughout the process of making the purchase. The Client declares to have read and be aware of all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Policies that comprise it.



4.1 Changes to the application

As a general rule, Rede Fácil will not accept changes to the Purchase (forms of payment, quantities) after the completion of its process. If you wish to change any of your items, you may contact the CAC (Customer Service Center) to verify the procedure required to cancel the order.


5. Means of Payment

The Client may pay his purchases on the Site through Bank Draft, using Balance of Points, using a credit card, according to the flags released at the time of payment and PAGSEGURO in accordance with the procedures of PAGSEGURO. For security of its operations and to avoid fraud, Rede Fácil reserves the right to refuse third-party credit cards or credit cards issued abroad.


5.1 Payment Security

Rede Fácil has a specific policy that includes issues related to the acquisition of the product, including the security of payment for purchases made on the Site: Privacy and Security Policy.

For payments with Boleto Bancaria, this should be done in a single installment in the total value of the purchase and cash. The Boleto Bancário should be printed after the end of the purchase and the payment must be made at the bank branches, ATM or Internet through the internet-banking of any bank until the expiration date.

If a problem occurs during ticket printing, it can be reprinted by accessing the Access Account by clicking on the My Orders field.

Applications will only be approved if payment is made in the full amount of the Ticket. Payments with other amounts will not be accepted. The confirmation of the payment of the Ticket is done automatically by the Bank. There is no need to send any notification to the Site about your compensation.


6. Influences of Payment Methods on Delivery and Return of Products

6.1 Delivery

During the purchase process, Rede Fácil Brasil will inform the Customer of an estimate of the term for the delivery of the Products. The deadline for delivery will be counted from the 1st business day of the order posting at the Post Office / Carrier. There is a deadline for the payment of orders, which may vary according to the payment method chosen. Normally, approval takes up to three business days for payments by credit card, up to two (2) days for payment by Ticket and up to two (2) days for payment by Points.


6.2 Return

If you regret a purchase made on the Site, Customer may inform Rede Fácil Brasil through the CAC and request the return of the product and cancellation of the purchase. The procedure is fully described in the Exchange and Returns Policy.

If the product is in adequate condition, Rede Fácil Brasil will notify the Customer that it has accepted the returned product and will arrange for the full refund of the amounts paid in connection with the product purchased, including the price and freight costs.

If repentance occurs with respect to only one of the products contained in an order, there is no possibility of a partial refund, and the Customer is responsible for the full return of the order. This option is not available, because Rede Fácil Brasil works with a scoring system for each order and / or product.

The return of payments made by credit card will be made through a reversal of the launch, to be requested by Rede Fácil Brasil to the card administrator used in a maximum of 72 (seventy two) hours after the acceptance and validation of the conditions of the card. Product returned. The chargeback period is the sole responsibility of the card administrator.

The return of payment made by PAGSEGURO will be via PAGSEGURO and the credit will occur according to the procedure of the operator.

For return of the amounts paid via Bank Draft, it will be done by means of deposit in account of the holder of the purchase or in Points for the Virtual Office, as described Policy of Exchanges and Returns.